Our Factory is situated in Sankrail, Howrah with sprawling factory space of 4000 Square feet production area including both covered and open.

Plant & Mahinery

bullet Rubber Mixing Mills 
bullet Hydraulic Presses
bullet Hand Operated Presses
bullet Boiler
bullet Extrusion Machine
bullet Grinding Machine
bullet Oven / Post Curing Unit
bullet Dies and Moulds
bullet Solution Mixer

Laboratory - Apparatus & Equipments

bullet Hardness Tester
bullet Tensile Strength Testing Machine
bullet Compression Strength Testing Machine
bullet Ozone Testing
bullet Dimensional Checking
bullet Finish and Visual Checking
bullet Spark Testing
bullet Flex Testing
bullet Drill Machines
bullet Verniers (Digital)
bullet Micro Metre

Test & Warranty Certificate

We give necessary Material Test Certificates and warranty Certificates *as required by our customer depending on  the product being supplied by U.T.E. from Government recognized laboratories .


Seal Kits
Polyurethane (P.U.) products
Water Stopper
Seals for Hydraulic &
Pneumatic Cylinders
Silicon Rubber
Expansion Joints & Flexible Bellows
Teflon Products
Hose Pipes
Hose End Fittings
Tubes & Tyres
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Metal - Bonded Rollers

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